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Dry Bulk – Delivering Quality Services in Bulk Transportation

Dry bulk is a gigantic business, be it coal or zinc concentrates, sugar or mineral sands, such cargos keep the machines running. If you are looking for Domestic and International Logistics services, we are providing a proven platform satisfying your needs. Our team has far-reaching expertise and knowledge in the transportation of cargos, thus provides complete logistics solution. Our goal is to keep your costs related to shipping transportation low and to ensure timely delivery. Our innovative solutions help our clients to experience such a friendly environment such as a bargaining system, shipping brokerage etc.

Here are the assessment topics that our dry bulk index takes into consideration –

Total tonnage or dead weight
Type of material
Domestic shipment or international shipment
Delivery location and pickup
Time of shipment

After assessing the aforementioned topics, we provide our clients with best Dry bulk shipping rates in the market. We arrange for charter party and specific ship contract representing all the terms and conditions of shipping.

Our main transported commodities include the following, but not limited –

Different types of grains
Lead, copper and zinc concentrates
Salt and sugar
Cement, alumina and mineral sands

Transport large volumes efficiently and quickly by utilizing our specialized equipments and expert services. Our self-loading high-end equipments allow our clients to enjoy flexible and timely delivery to all destinations thus helps in reducing costs. We use top shipping dry bulk trailers, quad-axle vans and top trains equipped with proper communication system.

From horticulture to agriculture, from raw materials to industrial goods, we provide one stop solutions for moving biomass. Our extensive reach and global network allows us to offer the optimum level of transportation facility required. We have also entered into good relationships and contracts with big players in electric power, steel and paper companies.


Shipping & Logistics.com works with highly experienced Dry Bulk, Break Bulk and Container Shipping Companies. Contact us for dry bulk quotes, we have working with iron ore, coal, construction sands, wood chips and much more.


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