Shipping and Logistics is very important to the economy, it starts at the manufacturer all the way to the customer. Because internet sales are growing by 5 percent per year, shipping and logistics will become more and more important to the world economy. Because of online shopping, which is increasing at a rate of 5% to 8% growth per year, shipping and logistics is so incredibly important to the world economy and to it running smoothly.

Distribution, manufacturing,engineering, sales, transportation, supply chain, warehousing, freight forwarding…these are just a few links in the chain of careers that make shipping and logistics up in a business.
Driving and delivering in a Frito Lay van is considered shipping and logistics, as well as being a fisherman on a crab boat.

There are many opportunities to post your resume on websites specifically for this type of field, if you are looking for a job. Vacancies include junior, trainee, management and directorship opportunities. Logistics and shipping jobs cover administration, executive, sales and maritime positions.
The job types include import and export clerks, , transport managers, liner and liner agency staff, shipping managers, pricing clerks, container controllers, freight sales executives and more.

Here are a few jobs that are currently open and companies are looking to fill quickly:
sales and marketing positions
international jobs and jobs at sea
maritime jobs managerial and executive level vacancies
jobs in shipping lines
jobs with manufacturers and traders
road transport and supply chain jobs
fine art shipping
courier and distribution


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